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Radiant Joy - Backbends with Liz Huntly

RADIANT JOY - Backbends

From cobra to drop-backs, backbends offer multiple physical benefits. They strengthen the core and spine, counter hours of daily sitting, and often relieve back pain. Energetically, backbends encourage us to confront vulnerability and invite openness into the space of the heart. 

Through alignment principles and invigorating flow, this workshop will explore healthy positioning of the body and the cultivation of core strength required to safely move into joyful backbends. 

This workshop will cost 40 Euros and must be prebooked and paid for in advance.


Liz Huntly is a mover and shaker, a barefoot philosopher, a collector of languages. She mostly lives in Cologne, Germany, but feels at home anywhere she can comfortably get into vrksasana. 

She's infinitely curious about the body & the breath, plants, art, magic, beauty, failure, and how to find the sweetness of being lost in the world. She's writing a book that she'll probably never get around to starting. She teaches workshops and retreats internationally.