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Ayurveda 40 Hour Immersion with Majorie

Diving into one of the oldest science of life: 40hr Ayurveda Training

Join us for a 40hr immersion in the fantastic world of Ayurveda.
Throughout 2 weekends, we will discover step by step the incredible world of Ayurveda.

Getting first into the basics: What is Ayurveda? How does it "work"? What are the 5 principals elements and their associated doshas Vata, Pitta, Kapha? And how to recognize them? 
We will learn about their characteristics in details, how they influence our body and psychology and everything around us.

Discover also your own constitution and how to balance it with healthy food and habits.

Throughout the weekends, we will deepen our knowledge and have the opportunity to practice with different exercises and tests, and also learn how to improve your yoga and meditation practice with Ayurvedic tips!

A perfect blend of theory and practice to help you navigate the vast world of Ayurveda and give you some very easy practical tools to use in your everyday life.

Course open to all Ayurveda Enthusiasts!



Friday 18th of May - 6pm-9pm

Saturday 19th of May - 9am-5pm

Sunday 20th of May - 9am-5pm

Friday 29th of June - 6pm-9pm

Saturday 30th of June - 9am-5pm

Sunday 1st of July - 9am-5pm