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Hormonal Health Series for Women with Sarah Phillips

  • Studio City 3 Fürstenstraße Bonn, NRW, 53111 Germany (map)

Hormonal Health Series for Women with Sarah Phillips

A woman’s cycle is now seen as her 5th vital sign. Our hormonal and reproductive health can tell us so much about the state of our overall well being. What’s more, when our hormones fall out of balance, as women we really feel the effect. PMS, PCOS, thyroid problems, endometriosis, infertility...none of these hormonal imbalances should be a part of our daily lives, and yet for so many they are. Hormonal health coach, Sarah Phillips, will guide you over the course of four weeks, or a cycle, to better understand and balance your hormones. You’ll learn to fall in love with your cycle and start to see your health in a more dynamic way. Each week you will go away with lifestyle changes to implement before the next session.

Part 1: Know your cycle and balance your blood sugar (19/09/2019)
Our first step together will be to understand the basics of the menstrual cycle; which hormones play a role in the four phases of the cycle and how you can begin to track and get to know this in yourselves. We will share some of our experiences and any difficulties we are facing with our cycle.

This week we will talk about how our blood sugar balance affects our cycles and how to begin balancing this to kick start the journey to falling into a happy rhythm with your body.

Part 2: How stress affects our hormones and how to manage this (26/09/2019)
Now that our blood sugar is balanced, we should be feeling pretty great and energised - maybe even a little lighter! The next piece of the puzzle we will explore together is stress. We’ll learn all about how our adrenal health impacts our cycle. This will be a chance to really examine the causes, some will be surprising, of stress in your life, with plenty of time to share with one another and for Sarah to give lots of feedback and practical tools.

The ‘homework’ for the week will be all about looking at ways to reduce and manage stress in our daily lives.

Part 3: Understanding how to support detox for cycle health (03/10/2019)
As we know, so much of what we are exposed to in day to day life can put stress on our body (the food we eat, the products we use on our skin, the many chemicals we are exposed to). We’ll be discovering all about how essential it is to take care of our liver to help prevent not just cycle irregularity, but stubborn weight and skin problems.

Sarah will take you through really understanding the mechanisms around detox and elimination. This you will receive a week meal guide along with a lifestyle guide to rid yourself of endocrine disruptors and excess oestrogen.

Part 4: Bringing it all together; finding the rhythm of your cycle phases (10/10/2019)
In our final session together we will take the time to really feedback our experiences so far that month. We’ll take the time to talk about our attitudes towards our bodies and our cycles and how that has shifted over the time together. We’ll explore the effects of hormonal contraception to ensure everyone is well informed around this.

The final piece of the puzzle will be to understand how to adjust your lifestyle dynamically to suit the phases of your cycle. We’ll go through optimising food at different times in the cycle, different styles of yoga and other exercise to choose and even how to work most effectively! This is all about embracing the feminine energy superpowers we all possess and harnessing our cycle to our greatest advantage.

Dates: 19.09. - 10.10.2019 / 4 Sessions
Time: thursdays 8 - 9.30 pm
Price: 85 Euro
Location: Studio City, Fürstenstr. 3, 53113 Bonn

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