Mysore Program with Leni

An exciting opportunity for a full Mysore program in Bonn for three weeks while Katy is in India!


Full Mysore Program 4th March-24th March 2019

We are very excited to announce that the wonderful Leni will be joining us in Bonn for three weeks while Katy is away in India! Leni will be here to teach a three week Mysore Program and will also cover Katy’s Monday Seasonal Class.

From an early age on Leni has been fascinated with philosophical questions of life and questions of spirituality. During her medical studies she stumbled upon Ashtanga Yoga and after her first Mysore class she was hooked! For the first time she experienced her self at peace. She then fully immersed herself in the practice and studies of yoga and has since become a 500h Yoga Alliance accredited teacher. She has gone well beyond the 500h of study…

Along the way she has had the opportunity to study with and draw inspiration from teachers such as Tim Feldmann, Kino Macgregor, Richard Freeman, Mary Taylor, David Swenson, Ajay Tokas and many more. She is a long-term student of Dr. Ronald Steiner and is currently enrolled in his “Ashtanga Yoga Innovation” 500 h teacher training. In the past few years she has been teaching in different settings and has been a part of several teacher trainings. Being an adamant and dedicated practitioner of first and second series, she combines her knowledge about the human body with practical experience. Leni enjoys sharing what she has learned so far with anyone who is sincerely interested in exploring their individual practice from a different perspective.

What is Mysore?

Mysore is the traditional way to practice Ashtanga Yoga and is open to all levels. So named as it was taught this way by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, in Mysore, India. In a Mysore class the students are taught a specific Ashtanga sequence through one-to-one instruction in a group setting. The sequence is learned step by step and the process is a gradual one and this gives the students the benefit of fully practicing and memorising what they have learned before adding more. 

Mysore Packages

You can use your class credits or monthly memberships for the Mysore or led classes however we will also be offering a Mysore packages students who would like to commit to only the Mysore package during this time.

Mysore Package 1 Week - 80 Euros
4th-10th March OR 11th-17th March OR 18th-24th March

Includes five Mysore sessions (Monday-Friday) and one Led primary series class on Sunday.

Mysore Package 2 Weeks - 120 Euros
4th March - 24th March (any two weeks within this period)

Includes five Mysore sessions (Monday-Friday) and one Led primary series class on Sunday each week.

Mysore Package full - 150 Euros
4th March - 24th March

Includes five Mysore sessions (Monday-Friday) and one Led primary series class on Sunday each week.