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A 40 hour in-depth Adjustment Training for Yoga Teachers

  • Studio South 1A Kaiserstraße Bonn, NRW, 53113 Germany (map)

In the past 10 years thousands of yoga practitioners underwent a basic Yoga Teacher Training in which they could deepen their knowledge and experience. Obviously it is not possible to learn every aspect of this art, science and philosophy in a 200 or 500-hour training. Yoga is an ongoing, lifelong education. It takes a lot of self-practice and teaching experience to build confidence and certainty in order to become a Teacher.

From our own observations in classes, workshops and teacher trainings we have come to realize that there is a major lack of knowledge in how to adjust and assist yoga students. This is why we would like to share our knowledge and give everybody the opportunity to deepen ones experience in order to approach the student with confidence.

Correct adjustment brings stability, ease and awareness to the students’ practice. All adjustments are unique. You know where the student should be, but how they get there is an expression of their specific limitations in the moment. Tune into them. With experience, you will learn how to harmonize with the students so your innate bodily wisdom can contact and awaken theirs. This comes with practice, faith and the confidence that comes with time. Remember every adjustment is new and should be approached with a beginner’s mind. The deeper your practice has taken you into the subtleties of alignment and your own body, the easier this will be. Your self-practice will continuously tune your intuition. Consider the impact of an adjustment on the whole being of the student. Remember that perfection in the pose is not about quantity of movement, or even quality of line. It is about the student using their capability to the fullest, whatever their limitations may be. Do not push students’ bodies or minds beyond their limits. Be aware of how much trust you have available from them at all times.

In this 40 hour Adjustment training we will be exploring both the physical and verbal adjustments for a long list of postures often found in a vinyasa class. Each day we will begin with a Vinyasa Flow to warm us all up then we will break down each posture and learn the safe way to assist by practicing on each other in a Posture Circus. We will be covering forward folds, backbends, balances and inversions so prepare for a long, intense but highly informative TWO FULL WEEKENDS ! 

Katy and Christian will both be teaching and assisting giving you different approaches to the ways in which you can adjust an asana.

April 26th - 6-9PM
April 27th - 9AM-6PM
April 28th - 9AM- 6PM

May 24th - 6-9PM
May 25th - 9AM - 6PM
May 26th- 9AM- 6 PM

Early Bird booked before January 2019 - 620 Euros
Early bird booked in January,February 2019 - 650 Euros
If you book in March and April 2019 the cost will be 690 Euros.

If you are interested please email