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Adjustment Training for Yoga Teachers Level 1 with Katy

This course is designed for Yoga Teachers and Teachers to be. We will be exploring the wonderful world of adjustments in Vinyasa Yoga.

This course is only available for Yoga Teachers and those participating in a teacher training.

We will be exploring both the physical and verbal adjustments for a long list of postures often found in a vinyasa class. Each day we will begin with a Vinyasa Flow to warm us all up then we will break down each posture and learn the safe way to assist by practicing on each other. We will be covering forward folds, backbends, balances and inversions so prepare for a long, intense but highly informative adjustment training.

This course will satisfy the Yoga Alliance Continuing Education (CE) Contact Hours.This course is being facilitated by Katy Scherer an E-RYT 500 and YACEP registered Yoga teacher who specialises in Dynamic vinyasa yoga & Ashtanga vinyasa yoga.

The weekend Includes:

Introduction to adjustments and ethics.

A guided daily practice.

Adjusting the basic standing postures:
Upward facing dog
Downward facing dog
Prasarita padottanasana
Warrior 1
Warrior 2.

Adjusting the basic balances:
Tree pose
Utthita Hasta Padagunsasanana

Adjusting Urdhva Dhanurasana and its variations.

Adjusting the basic seated postures:
Janu Sirsasana A
Marichyasana A and C

Adjusting Savasana. How to create a Luxury Savasana experience.

Practicing the Adjustments. You will be partnered up during a short Vinyasa Sequence. Here you will partnered with a fellow student and will take turn being the students, and the one giving the adjustments.

Cost for the entire Weekend is 320 Euros.