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Exploring the First Half of Seccond Series with Amelia Arenas.

Exploration through the first half of the Intermediate series is a workshop which will focus on some of the key back bending techniques to prepare for Kapotasana, one of the deepest backbends in Ashtanga. We will also be exploring the dynamics of the legs behind the head poses of intermediate series requiring a good range of hip mobility and flexibility.

The workshop will begin with a Led Counted Primary Series before working through the backbiting and hip opening elements of the day.

This workshop is open to practitioners of all yoga style and we ask that students have a previous knowledge of the Primary series .

This is a 5 hour workshop and cost 65 Euros, bookable via The Vinyasa People Website.

Emilia Arenas in her native Colombia started her journey on Yoga when her mom Invited to a yoga class. She immediately fell in love with this path and embarked in a long research on different styles and teachers until she found Ashtanga yoga and decided to move to Miami to learn from her Teachers Kino Macgregor, Tim Feldmann and Greg Nardi. She completed the apprenticeship under her teachers guidance and soon after was sent by them to direct the Mysore program at White orchid in Clearwater. She is currently teaching one of the Mysore programs at MLC, where she continues to learn from
her teachers and students as well. She has traveled to Mysore India to study under Sharath Jois several times and has taking workshops with amazing teachers like Tim Miller, Richard freeman, Eddie stern and more.

Her passion is showing her students the beauty and transformative aspects of the practice of Ashtanga yoga. Her classes are filled with joy and enthusiasm and her goal is to pass on them the devotion that has been passed to her by her teachers.